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Cutting through the clutter to distinguish between and distill the city's myriad of food, drink, and restaurant festivals can prove, ev...

Cutting through the clutter to distinguish between and distill the city's myriad of food, drink, and restaurant festivals can prove, even for editors, to be quite the challenge. But here's a relative newcomer that just made it onto our radar, and invites you to rediscover a glass of bubbly in a fresh, sparkling way. 

Running until October 25th, Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte (CNF) is holding its 2015 CNF Culinary X-ploration Series, a collaboration with some of the city's well-known restaurants in which unexpected and delightful food and champagne pairings are the pièces de résistance for the evening. The goal? To appreciate how well champagne's layered notes can be explored when enjoyed with a variety of cuisines - in many cases just as smoothly as beer and red or white wine.  After all, in the broad sense, bubbly IS wine, and the trend for some time now has seen it go well beyond wedding toasts, desserts, or special occasions only, to carrying the entire meal from start to the finish.

For the duration, participating restaurants (Laurèa, Notkins, La Champagnerie, Juni, Maison Publique, Chez Boss&fils, Shinji, and Rosewood) will feature a prix-fixe menu that includes a dish along with a flute of Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Reserve. Of course, opting for the pairing in no way precludes you from taking full advantage of the rest of the establishment's offering, and perhaps 'uncorking' a new gem you end up adding to your 'must return' list.

Such was the case as Guillaume and I booked a table at Chez Boss & filspartly because it was the one place we hadn't yet tried, the newest kid on the block at just about six months opened, AND featured one of the more interesting plates for the event: a pork chop with lemongrass, Kaffir lime leaves, vegetable basmati rice, layered tomato, thai basil, and pineapple confit.

Photo Credits - Boss&Fils
Now without going off on a total foodie tangent, one of the reasons we love pork is that it acts like a carnivore's tofu: on its own it has a very neutral, borderline bland flavour, but one that picks up sweet and savoury marinades, sauces, herbs, spices, and sides wonderfully. Our chop in question had all of the above, and was done to a cuisson of ideal tenderness. True to the form of all great food/drink pairings, the accompanying glass of CNF offered a fine counterbalance: the champagne's delicate, fruity notes of pear and citrus cutting through the fragrant Asian flavours.

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As though indulging in a value-priced pairing of world class champagne and signature creations from a group of the city's star chefs along wasn't incentive enough, if you photograph your meal and publish it on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #XploreNicolasFeuillatte you'll automatically be entered into a contest for the chance to win a $1000 culinary experience at a participating restaurant of your choice.

Photo Credits - Boss&Fils

Chez Boss et fils
3610 Wellington St.

For a full list of the event's pairings and pricing, please visit



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