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The 16 000 square foot ode to vintage industrial furniture and accessories celebrates its first year on the 'trendified' Petite-Pat...

The 16 000 square foot ode to vintage industrial furniture and accessories celebrates its first year on the 'trendified' Petite-Patrie strip of St.Hubert St., and launches a just-opened second store in Quebec City.

Driving to the 1-yr. anniversary party for Bois et Cuir, the city's hip new nesting address, I thought to myself how long it had been since I'd been down the famously weather-sheltered street, AND how much it has changed. I noticed trendy bars and cafés that have opened up and are seemingly thriving thanks in part to full terrasses on this Monday evening.

Granted it's still largely a long stretch of anonymous storefronts that need to be turned over, but clearly it's only the start of a transformation that's bringing sexy back, and B&C definitely appears to have settled nicely into their chosen home as they set out to help feather your living space with both style and comfort.

Which speaks precisely to their aesthetic, a mix of comfy meets timeworn meets industrial, with hanging light fixtures, chairs, leather sofas, coffee tables, and accessories, all displayed across several designer galleries or great rooms big enough to be separate stores in themselves but which connect together on the inside, very much like the rooms of a house. 

Pieces are covet-worthy and standouts include dining room tables made from re-worked vintage wood, chandeliers of used iron, and buttery, aged-by-hand leather armchairs…let’s just say we have our eye on more than a few items! Interspersed throughout are smaller (read: more affordable) picks that will add a touch of “Ooo where did you get that?” to your home. We recommend you take a look at their bookends, candles, and dinnerware.


6304 St. Hubert (@ Beaubien)

754 St.Joseph East, Quebec City


store 1868042976659974761

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