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The web universe notwithstanding, just as bricks-and-mortar retailing still has a great deal to do with location, such is the case for real...

The web universe notwithstanding, just as bricks-and-mortar retailing still has a great deal to do with location, such is the case for real estate companies looking to establish a footprint in a neighbourhood closely aligned with their DNA. That said, it appeared to be more than a natural fit for the province's premier luxury residential real estate company, Sotheby’s International Realty Quebec (SIRQ), to set out its gilded shingle on a brand new flagship office in the heart of Montreal's prestigious Golden Square Mile.

To better understand the move, not to mention have a glimpse of the gorgeous new digs, I recently caught up with Operations Director, Sacha Brosseau. "We consider ourselves the little engine that could" he says, clarifying by stating how there are over 14,000 licensed brokers in the province of Quebec with SIRQ only making up 0.6%, or 80 brokers. Despite having a small team, Sotheby's has grown their share year after year in their respective markets to emerge as one of the most respected firms in the province, and opening the door to becoming first ever to locate in the Golden Mile.

Speaking of where they call home, the Golden Mile is lined with gorgeous architecture and Victorian homes, in addition to claiming several of Montreal's top museums and art institutes. Couple that with the Sotheby’s brand’s long association with the art and the auction world, and it makes sense to be situated in such a culturally rich area. "No residential resale company has ever positioned itself in the downtown core, so it was only natural that we be the first to move into a highly sought-after neighbourhood in the heart of the city to better serve our client base", said Brosseau.

Driving home the point, as I discovered, is the three floor headquarters themselves, as stylish and well-appointed as the interior of one of the tastefully-decorated multi-million dollar homes they sell. Featuring modern glassed-in offices, an impressive lounge, and statement works for art from local artist Michel Gamache, the place was designed from top to bottom by Mr. Brosseau and Marilyn Fryer from SIRQ. Deceptively small-looking from the outside, the 5,000 sq. ft. space also counts two closing rooms, three boardrooms and an enclosed outdoor terrace, all perfectly suited to negotiating multi-million dollar deals in comfort and privacy - exactly as you'd expect in your own home.

Sotheby’s International Realty Quebec
1430 Sherbrooke St. West, Montreal, QC H3G 1K4.

To scout out your dream home please visit:



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