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Thanks to a dedicated marketing and food/beverage team who are ever-innovating new offerings that are in step with the seasons and the mult...

Thanks to a dedicated marketing and food/beverage team who are ever-innovating new offerings that are in step with the seasons and the multitude of events going on in the city, the Golden Mile's Sofitel Hotel, and particularly their Restaurant Renoir and terrasse have lately been top of mind when it comes to recommendations for visiting friends and family. 

From NHL playoff mania when our Habs are going deep, to Rogers Cup tennis (recall Serena's cherry pie-making skills?), to the F1 glitterati who take over each year, there's a vibrant new energy to the place that just entices you to be part of the excitement.

One of their successful coups comes in the form of weekly highlights featuring special plates and custom drinks. Case in point, we recently joined hotel Marketing Coordinator Frederic Goedike for an intimate sampling of the Renoir's 'Whiskey Fumant' Smoky Plate, followed by some key selections off the revamped bar menu.

Available every Monday from 5pm is Chef Olivier Perret's slate rectangle of smoked delicacies: salmon on applewood and duck magret served with sweet and sour vegetables, toast, and condiments - great for sharing as a starter. 

To pair, the house suggests Ardbeg 10-Year, a peaty, smoky-yet-sweet scotch whisky known as one of the finest from Islay.  Purists will appreciate it neat by the glass (or bottle for a group of true aficionados), or mixed into a couple inventive cocktails:

The Madmen: Ardbeg 10 yr., Vanilla Galliano, B&B (Benedictine & Brandy) liquor.

The Summer Thyme: Ardbeg 10 yr., cassis, cranberry, blackberries.

From there Fred had us try his top three selections from a new bar menu that's as appealing to read as the plate presentations that followed. On order was the Poutine Qwack, La Saucisse à Félipé, and the Parce Qu'on Est à l'Hôtel. Now granted the item names are quirky and could leave you scratching your head about just what it is you're ordering, the explanations are straightforward and the results, simply scrumptious.

The poutine in question is made with freshly-cut fries and served with duck confit and house red wine sauce. As yours truly is known to subscribe to the 'poutine-as-main-anytime' philosophy, trust when I say the thoroughly gourmet take on a classic was rich and comforting without being the least bit cloying.  Opt for the foie gras add-on for something truly decadent.

Felipe's sausage is actually an upscale hot dog sandwich, a peppery link nicely countered with truffled mustard, pickled veggies, and arugula, while the third plate plays on a hotel favourite we've all ordered at some point - the club sandwich. Here it comes as a BLT with white chicken meat served between zesty focaccia bread. All plates are massive enough to share, which we recommend to maximize sampling. 

Overall, with winners like this coupled with service that is perpetually smooth, professional, and attentive, it's great to see a luxury hotel in tune with the new norm of hotel dining: options that are casual and unfussy, don't compromise on quality, and have a little fun along the way.

Daily and nightly offers to try:
Mondays from 5pm, Whiskey Fumant
Wednesdays from 5pm, DJ and Cocktails
Sunday Brunch, 2 seatings - 11am and 1pm

Restaurant Renoir
1155 Sherbrooke St. West



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