M Salon Makes it a Double...

...and snags some precious real estate in Nun's Island's ever-trendifying  Pointe-Nord. With growing restaurant and ba...

...and snags some precious real estate in Nun's Island's ever-trendifying Pointe-Nord.

With growing restaurant and bakery banners Les Enfants Terribles and Mamie Clafoutis for neighbours Laurent and Arie Benchetrit no doubt have the right instincts when it comes to setting up shop. Their cool M Salon brand has just expanded from a first home in Griffintown and, as usual, we were in attendance to test things out and report back.

On offer is the same variety of services: manicures, pedicures, waxing, haircuts, blowouts, highlights, extensions, threading and, get this guys, MENicures - if you’re a man reading this and you’ve never had a manicure, you will enjoy. Trust. Of note are the extras that go a long way to upping the experience — TV, fun, upbeat music, complimentary coffee or wine.

The Sunday afternoon press launch itself was delightful as we indulged in said manis (cross-reference the live Instagram pic I snapped!), and chatted away between sips of raspberry mojitos. What we learned from a group of girls is the simple yet truly genuine reason for lovin' the place: a cozy factor where one can receive quality service, sans attitude. Indeed, despite the chic trimmings and ultra-luxe brands, you can't help but feel comfortable and welcome.

Since the salon is on the small side, we think it'd make the ideal meeting place for an intimate wedding party prep ('tis the season!), and could picture an excited gab-fest over nails and magazines, while the bride-to-be is perhaps behind the curtain at the back getting a last minute bikini wax… hey, we told you that M Salon offers it all, and it’s finally warm enough to take a dip in one of those condo rooftop pools!

M Salon Pointe-Nord
113 Ch de la Pointe-Nord
Nun's Island

M Salon Griffintown
1332 Notre Dame W. St.

Web Site:


waxing 3479536530039901035

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