An Even Better Bota Bota

The city's much-loved floating retreat ups its game by adding a sleek outdoor garden on dry land.  Opened in 2010 on a ferry boat...

The city's much-loved floating retreat ups its game by adding a sleek outdoor garden on dry land. 

Opened in 2010 on a ferry boat that dates back to 1951, and consistently list-topping the province's urban spa retreats, Bota Bota spa-on-water recently unveiled their brand new pool installations and surrounding patio, accessible year-round and, like the rest of the complex, offering fantastic views of the river and downtown.

Resembling the riverside pool area of a five-star resort, the new section sits on the actual quay where the ferry boat is docked, and comprises one standard pool, one hot bath, and one cold. Augmenting the premises is a waterfal feature, both enclosed and open-air rest spaces, a hammam, and a yoga platform that juts out into the pool. A spa unto itself and, true to the mothership, a place where blissful relaxation is the order of the day.

Aside from adding to the overall square footage of the services, the addition is smartly conceived and executed by MU Architecture, 'anchoring' Bota Bota within its surroundings while lending a completely different visual and aesthetic setting from on-board. One in which I could see myself spending lots of time on a beautiful day, as was the case when media and friends had a chance to break the ice and try things out one sunny Thursday afternoon. It helped that we lucked out with one of the season's first pool days, and so were perfectly content to jumpstart our summer tans while sampling a delectable assortment of hors d'oeuvres by Auberge St.Gabriel, a special vodka drink by Quartz, and a knot-ridding chair massage.

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