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One year later and Le Mal Necessaire remains a Chinatown gem. Exotic cocktail bar Le Mal Necessaire celebrated its one-year a...

One year later and Le Mal Necessaire remains a Chinatown gem.

Exotic cocktail bar Le Mal Necessaire celebrated its one-year anniversary the other night and it was a party with as much flare as their signature pineapple drink.

As we walked down the flight of stairs beneath the somewhat 'invisible cool' outside neon green signage of only a pineapple and the initials 'MN', and into the cool basement from the hot street, we were greeted warmly by the owner, and snagged a spot at the bar. 

The space is intimate and dimly lit with large wooden booths and tables that encourage the mixing and mingling of patrons. Pineapple paraphernalia is everywhere, making for a very 1950’s Tiki revival and, as for the crowd, there is definitely an open, relaxed, come as you are vibe. That night featured a casual array of leather jackets, flattop hats, many a hipster, girls out on the town, and yours truly. At MN, anything goes and all are welcome.

The staff is as laid back and friendly as the ambiance, or maybe it’s the other way around. We gave the bartender the universal nod for a drink. “Sup?” she said with a smile, and she proceeded to detail the drink specials that night. We made our selections, the first of many, and watched with interest as they were expertly prepared. Our personal faves: the Perfect Storm (rum, molasses and black cherry ginger beer, lime), which was oh-so-fresh and fruity, and the popular Bahama Mama (dark rum, Jamaican coffee liqueur, coconut water, pineapple, lemon), which were lit up and served all night, as though pineapple had suddenly become the new kale. But seriously, there's enough choice to keep variety-seekers content for a long while.

There was a buffet-style spread of the bar’s snack menu favourites, and we quite happily paired our liquor with small, mounded plates of Chinese food. We chowed down on fried rice, doughy dumplings filled with tender pork, hot, crispy spring rolls, oily, battered shrimp… The simple, straightforward cantonese food combined perfectly with the professionally-concocted and mixed cocktails. For those who wonder 'wherefore kitchen art thou', the restaurant upstairs Fung Shing prepares the food and has it sent down in a jiffy upon ordering.

As the neighbourhood continues to morph into a destination for new resto-bars that thankfully fall outside the obscure Chinese market and dodgy restaurant category (try the top-notch taco joint next door!), we're glad to see Le Mal Nécessaire be part of the change.


Le Mal Nécéssaire
1106 Boul. St.Laurent (just below René-Lévesque)

Mon:        Closed
Tue :
18:00 - 02:00
Wed :
16:30 - 02:00
Thu - Fri :
16:30 - 03:00
Sat :
18:00 - 03:00
Sun :
18:00 - 02:00


Saint Laurent 1132036096698978337

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