Cupcakes & Cream Puffs & Donuts, Oh My!

Le Petit Lapin celebrates their 1-year anniversary & launch of e-boutique On the food and social scene this week, Westmount’s Le...

Le Petit Lapin celebrates their 1-year anniversary & launch of e-boutique

On the food and social scene this week, Westmount’s Le Petit Lapin recently held a darling pop-up shop event at La Maison Ogilvy, an occasion that, given everything the cake and pastry brand has to celebrate, more than merited the blowing out of a candle or two. We're talking about a wildly popular following, their Victoria Ave. shop turning 1 year young, and launch of a much-anticipated e-boutique.


And a sweet success it was complete with macaroons displayed like pretty maids all in a row, madeleine cake pops in pastel pinks and mossy blues, teeny coco bunnies, sugared donuts, and decorate-your-own cupcake bar; in short, Marie Antoinette would have been proud, not to mention thoroughly satisfied.

Taking in the fashionable tea-party atmosphere, we had a hard time to say who was more excited about that cupcake bar, the young professionals or the tots as both iced and frosted their selections with sugar-fueled enthusiasm!

Except that these wares are more than just pretty: all confections are organic, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, allergy-free and, best of all, made with love and 100% delicious. As the story behind the sucrose goes, owner and baker Viviane Nguyen developed a proprietary secret recipe for all kinds of desserts from having to adjust to her young son’s lengthy list of food allergies, and not wanting to deprive him of such things as a proper birthday cake.  Needless to say the passion she has for her company came through as she and her team sprinkled the room with cheerful, infectious energy.  


Feeling a little bummed you missed all of the sampling? We’re pleased to let you know that they have a new e-boutique up and running on their site with delivery all over Canada and the US. Simply peruse the gorgeous photos knowing the little beauties are as accessible as a few clicks.

The Montreal market has been very receptive but I was getting inquiries from people from California to Halifax who found me online but weren’t able to find products locally. With the ecommerce site, now they can’, says Viviane.

So, whether you're food-sensitive, a proponent of clean eating or, like us, just love sweets, visit Le Petit Lapin’s online and order up some treats for your next birthday, bridal shower, office party, Friday night Netflix binge…do you really need an excuse? Now hop to it!

Le Petit Lapin
342 Avenue Victoria, Westmount, QC H3Z 2M8



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  1. Their baked goods look absolutely divine! And gluten free to boot!! Wish they had a location in Toronto, as I love the look and feel of the space as well!



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