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Organized and hosted by Yellow Pages and comprising part neighbourhood tour walk, part gourmet discovery, the first edition of Taste Y...

Organized and hosted by Yellow Pages and comprising part neighbourhood tour walk, part gourmet discovery, the first edition of Taste Your Neighbourhood took place in Montreal in 2013 as a way of raising awareness of the small businesses that make up the lifeblood of the city’s many neighbourhoods, and of promoting their growth and success.

Those who took part were led by knowledgeable guides on one of 11 free guided walking tours through the streets of the city to discover what the various local restaurants, cafés and breweries were offering, stopping by each address on a pre-determined route, to sample menu items and to meet and exchange with the owners of these hidden local gems. Between stops, guides provided an informative and entertaining snapshot of each community. Now having just completed its second round of tours in both Montreal and Toronto, the initiative looks to be on a steady path of growth, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see other districts and cities added to the roster for the upcoming rounds.

As for my specific tour on a recent Saturday afternoon, a group of us took to the streets of the Golden Square Mile’s Museum Quarter, the tony area surrounding the city’s venerable Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Perhaps lesser known as an actual destination, it’s here that you’ll find an upscale mix of art, fashion, beauty and travel services, and gourmet cuisine. 

Here’s a rundown of the places we hit but, like the sampling we enjoyed along the way, it's but a taste of what you’ll find:

Ariel, 2072 Drummond – A refined and modern bistro in the French tradition.

Crudessence, 2157 Mackay – Mastering the art of raw, vegan, organic (and heartily delicious!) food in the heart of downtown.

L’autre saison, 2137 Crescent – A renowned address with ambience on which to feast your eyes.

Ô plaisirs gourmands, 1490 Sherbrooke – An authentic patisserie that bakes most its own products, using only the freshest ingredients.

Divine Chocolatier, 2158 Crescent – Expertly handmade chocolates and truffles crafted daily.

Cafe Coffice, 1458 Sherbrooke – A creative and stylish work space/cafe for students or business groups.

Nespresso Boutique/Bar, 2045 Crescent – A hip space specializing in espresso-making technology.

With a little lingering in some places, the tour took just over 2 hours, my only issue being that the group splintered off as we were walking between locations, and it would have kept people more engaged for the guides to fill this ‘blank time’ with either more background, or perhaps historical anecdotes, or even more on what inspired Yellow Pages’ to launch the tours in the first place. 

Nonetheless we highly recommend perusing the options online, trying one of the walks for yourself, and rediscovering a neighbourhood you thought you knew. 

The next walks are scheduled for 2015.
For date, times, participating neighbourhoods, specific itineraries, and sign-up please visit:

For more on Montreal’s Museum Quarter visit:



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