Putting on the F1 Ritz

Building on the buzz and expertise garnered from their inaugural Grand Prix blowout last year, the Ritz Carlton ,  in collaboration wit...

Building on the buzz and expertise garnered from their inaugural Grand Prix blowout last year, the Ritz Carltonin collaboration with Infiniti, put together a dazzling sophomore instalment of a soirée that, to us, should be noted as reason enough for Montreal’s high ranking on the ‘F1 atmosphere’ list among other host cities.

The anticipation was palpable as we entered the hotel’s lobby to hovering media and snapping cameras, and made our way to the tightly surveyed check-in. Equipped with the requisite infrared wrist stamps, we entered the historic Palm Court to a sensorial feast – feathered burlesque greeter girls, freely flowing Moët & Chandon bar, artfully decked out edibles, tartan-clad models doing photo-ops in front of an Ogilvy / Holt Renfrew media screen (sign of things to come!), and the doorway to the Oval Room framed in a grand square archway of roses, a masterful creation by hotel florist (and uber talent) Jean-Pascal Lemire.

Inside, gourmet food stations courtesy of the hotel were cleverly positioned in the four corners of the room, with a premium open bar at one end, and raised Dj stage, dance floor, and limited seating filling the space out. 


Clearly organizers more than delivered on the hype of the event for at one point the number of attendees swelled to such a level that it made navigating the room quite the challenge, but this soon subsided thanks to relief from the gracious, well-appointed deck and garden outside. Here, we found a top-notch oyster bar, and the nostalgic duck pond with our little friends in fine form!

Throughout the evening, DJ Abeille and YO-C, who have been tag teaming more than a few events this year ensured the city’s movers and shakers did precisely that on the dance floor, and most of them until way late. 

And what would an F1 party be with the stars?  Well that night celeb sightings from the world of sports, entertainment, and business abounded, with Lars Eller, Kris Letang, PK Subban, Georges St. Pierre, Sugar Sammy, Nikki Yanofsky, Anne-Marie Withenshaw, Tatiana Londono, and François Dumontier (Grand Prix CEO) all spotted at intervals.

Unbeknownst to many, Infiniti had reserved several of the upstairs rooms as a VIP lounge complete with its own bar and swag bag giveaways; needless to say this made for some welcomed respite from the fevered pitch of the festivities, and gave us the chance for a little ‘we time’ with oft-on-the-scene notable Karolina Jez.  

Overall, what more can we say when when the setting, food and drink, people, partners, entertainment, and vibe all come together like this - 'hashtag synergy''!



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