MTL Resto: Rediscovering Rosalie

There is a lot to be said for spontaneity, particularly when it leads to a delightful evening with colleagues, the reconsidering of a t...

There is a lot to be said for spontaneity, particularly when it leads to a delightful evening with colleagues, the reconsidering of a tried and true Montreal hot spot, and an unplanned review on how great everything was.

This is exactly what happened a few weeks ago while in the middle of Montreal’s terrasse-launch season.   We were at Le Crystal hotel deciding our next move when Jared Makad, the new part owner of nearby Rosalie arrived and offered up his place as an option. 

Now except for the odd summer evening spent on their primo terrasse overlooking de la Montagne, with their delicious wood-fired pizza and a bottle of Lambrusco, the rest of the food had taken a second place to the ‘fast car, big-spending clientele’ scene, and thrown the kitchen completely off our radar.

Fast forward to less than a year ago when Jared and his business partner took over ownership, and set about altering the place’s reputation, along with exploiting the historic address’s other event spaces – a wine cellar private dining space with a view of the main restaurant below, and Galt, the complex’s third floor multiuse lounge. So far, the efforts have more than paid off where the menu is concerned.

Led to our fair-weather seat of choice, the buzzing front terrasse, our boisterous crew took to a table and was delighted by an impromptu tasting menu of some of the restaurant’s best selections.

Formerly of Icone, and a true find for Rosalie, chef Derek Bocking prepared and presented no less than a top-notch charcuterie platter of artisanal meats, fresh oysters with an apple & celery mignonette, fried calamari, and a house specialty foie gras parfait with blueberry jelly and walnut butter.  Let’s just say we were scraping the bottom of the jar on this last one!


These were followed by one of the carryover items from the restaurant’s former self – the authentic wood oven pizzas.  We had the Margherita (tomato sauce, fior di latte), and the Parma (tomato sauce, proscuitto, arugula, shaved parmesan, fior di latte), and both had the requisite blistered crust, perfect thickness, and right amount of toppings.  Delizioso!

We have since returned (something we rarely do in the short term given our time commitments at the mag.), and were again seated on the terrasse, this time with giant screens installed to catch what would be the last Habs/Rangers game. The result notwithstanding, we couldn’t help but take in the renewed energy of the place, and how they’re managing to strike that all too elusive balance between a fun time and great food.

Rosalie Restaurant
1232 rue de la Montagne 
(514) 392-1970

Prices: 30-45$



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