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The boys behind the wildly successful Le Cheese truck have turned their attention to ‘le restaurant’, and just opened their first bric...

The boys behind the wildly successful Le Cheese truck have turned their attention to ‘le restaurant’, and just opened their first bricks and mortar casse croute on the NDG hip strip of Monkland Ave. Thankful that we now have a fixed address to get our cheese fix, we gladly made our way to the media tasting for a sampling of most menu items. 

Crafted from the owners’ take on the kind of menu a 10-year old would invent and then taking it to an augmented place, the short, reasonably-priced chalkboard selection includes a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches, mac n’ cheese with peas, chili, 2 kinds of soup, homemade tater tots and, for dessert, fried cheesecake with fruit coulis -hey, if they can do it to a Mars bar, they can do it to cheesecake!

We started with perhaps the most gourmet dish, a refreshing and flavourful gazpacho with crumbled feta. Served at just the right temperature of cold and with the requisite chunky consistency we all finished our bowls down to the drop.

Next up was the house’s take on a Big Mac grilled cheese, served with their signature tater tots and spicy mayo.  Closing your eyes you could swear you were biting into the Golden Arches classic, but between slices of buttered bread!  We were told the tots are quite a procedure to make, but are they ever worth the effort – the potato and cheese are combined before being deep-fried resulting in a perfect flavour hit of each.

The mac n’cheese was unique because rather than being baked (like Mom used to do), the boys fry theirs on the flattop so that it comes out much like a pasta with cheese sauce and peas. Personally we missed the crusty top that comes from baking it, and we felt it could have been cheesier – if that’s even possible given where we were.

Our last dish was a single ball of fried cheese with a red fruit sauce – similar-looking to the tots, but with the sweet creaminess of your fave New York cheesecake inside.  One bite and we were hooked! 

Overall, this is definitely NOT the place to be if you’re counting calories, but plenty of dishes are of moderate portion size, and on their own would make for a tasty snack. The inside is small, with seating for roughly 15-20 so it’s understandable that a lot of their business is takeout - until 4am Fridays and Saturdays to accommodate the bar crowd.


Le Cheese Casse Croute
5976 Monkland, NDG
(514) 487-3316

Prices: under 10$


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