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Billed as the city’s first modern steakhouse, JARGO  recently opened its doors in the Hotel 10 on the southwest corner of Sherbrooke an...

Billed as the city’s first modern steakhouse, JARGO recently opened its doors in the Hotel 10 on the southwest corner of Sherbrooke and St. Laurent, and marked the occasion by hosting a launch tasting for media and social tastemakers. 

The brainchild of PR agency Fab Boss co-founder Fabio Broccoli and partners Sam Saleh, and Billy Alfonso, it’s the latest concept to occupy the space that formerly housed the hotel’s Brooke restaurant and, before that, KOKO restaurant and nightlife ‘it’ spot under the Opus Hotel Group.

Named in honor of the Montreal architect Joseph Arthur Godin who constructed the building in 1915, then known as L’Édifice Godin, the Heritage-designated structure has itself redefined its identity over the years, from luxury apartments to local artist hangout to name a few.

And just like the building’s manifold reinvention, JARGO sets out to rethink the tried and true steakhouse model through a 360° experience – topline service, a menu featuring inventive starters with premium meat and seafood, a well-curated mixology program, and an open, inviting interior.

Quintessentially Montreal-branded, the large open dining area has been transformed from its KOKO/Brooke days with a warmer color scheme, convivial seating, and walls covered with cityscapes, iconic Montreal landmarks, and a retro hit of street imagery. Through a set of doors, the huge (and hugely underutilized) terrasse remains largely untouched since its old self, but should see a lot more play once the buzz builds.

While the bar is an impressive focal point for your eyes, what’s behind it will also please as the restaurant counts more than 12 wines by the glass, and a custom-designed mixology program highlighting innovative cocktails for every taste.


On to the meaty part, as we began with appetizers served family style. These were fairly rich for the most part, but nonetheless contained standouts like the General Tao lobster, meatballs with a light tomato sauce, and the tuna salad with endamame – all great for sharing! Oh, and bacon lovers beware as JARGO wraps and fries their onion rings with it for something you’ll swoon over!


Mains include generous filet mignon and rib eye, and were both a notch above standard with the cuisson as requested. The Jargoburger with mac n’ cheese looked truly drool-worthy, and a catch of the day is also offered for ‘non-meaters’.

8 Sherbrooke Ouest
(514) 657-5656

Prices: 20 - 35 $ 


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