4000 Miles in their shoes

As we’ve touched on several times in the past, in order to best serve our beloved subject matter, that is, the people, places, vibe, and...

As we’ve touched on several times in the past, in order to best serve our beloved subject matter, that is, the people, places, vibe, and issues that make up our grand city, our mission is to enter into a far-reaching dialogue with those who are passionate about living in Montreal, who revel in getting the most out of what it has to offer, and who seek expert advice, analysis, and recommendations to make the best choices.

As culture and entertainment form such an integral part of any big-city life, expect to find an increasing amount of reviews and other content focused on Montreal’s performing arts scene - from opera, to ballet, to the symphony, and now the theatre. Of course, all of this doesn’t include the city’s numerous festivals! 

We hope you engage with it as much as we love covering it!

4000 Miles in their shoes

Attending a play at Old Montreal’s Centaur Theatre is something of a revival for me as I used to subscribe during the time I attended Concordia.  Students had the best deal ever as they offered an attractively discounted rate AND a free second subscription.  As one of the last places (along with the Segal Centre for the Performing Arts), to catch English theatre in Montreal, regular trips to the storied theater were even more relevant for me as I was a Literature/Creative Writing undergrad who had taken several theater writing courses, and studied a wide range of plays and playwrights.  Our re-introduction came as we attended the Premier of Amy Herzog’s 4000 Miles, the most produced play in North America this season. 

In a piece that is both a simple and complex, the narrative revolves around the elderly, Communist Vera who finds herself housing her 21-year old grandson Leo after a traumatic incident leaves him with nowhere to turn.  While the ‘action’ is made up almost exclusively of character run-ins in Vera’s richly detailed Manhattan apartment, it is precisely here where themes of intergenerational understanding, decision consequences, the singular uniqueness of family relationships, moving on from the past, and anticipating the future are explored.

Performances were spot on with Clare Coulter and Nathan Barrett as Vera and Leo, Dawson theatre graduate Liana Montaro, in the role of Bec, and Chinese actress Li Li as pitch-perfect Amanda, the girl Leo brings home after a night of partying, and who provides a hilarious, capitalist counterpoint to the politically leftist home.   

4000 Miles runs until April 20th 2014. 
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