Sculpted Emotion with Rodin/Claudel

Until March 22 nd , Montreal’sGrands Ballets performs Rodin/Claudel , a piece which first appeared in 2011, but which exudes a gracef...

Until March 22nd, Montreal’sGrands Ballets performs Rodin/Claudel, a piece which first appeared in 2011, but which exudes a graceful, classical style that belies its young age. 

Choreographed by Peter Quanz, and featuring music from the likes of Berlioz, Debussy, Ravel to name a few, the narrative tells the story of French sculptors Auguste Rodin and Camille Claudel, at a time when Rodin was already involved with Rose Beuret. Together, movements, music, and loads of onstage talent wove an intimate, yet powerful tableau spanning from the couple’s shared creative passion to Claudel’s downward spiral into poverty and ultimate madness.

By far one of the pieces great strengths, and a treat for admirers of ballet’s physicality and grace, was the use of a 12-member ensemble of six men and six women used to symbolize the duo’s shared passion for their art and for each other. Outfits were skintight and skin-tone on these ‘living sculptures’, their musculature showing astonishing control over their bodies through beautiful lines and posture. 

Further than recommending the piece as a well-performed, well-produced ballet, which it is on all counts, it stands as an engaging and hypnotic ode to the fluidity of art and life, and the ambiguity for all involved when they start to resemble. Please see for yourselves.

Théâtre Maisonneuve, Place des Arts
8PM / Saturday, March 22: 2PM and 8PM



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