Flavour Your Life…with Olive Oil

While we always review (and will continue to!) the new restaurants and bars that make up so much of the city’s thriving nightlife scene, we...

While we always review (and will continue to!) the new restaurants and bars that make up so much of the city’s thriving nightlife scene, we’re expanding on our content to include gourmet experiences that bring you even more of the city’s rich flavour.

Our first stop took us out of the dining room and into the kitchen where when we accepted an invitation to don our aprons at Old MTL’s Académie Culinaire, and join an eclectic mix of bloggers and food journalists for an informative, interactive, and all around delicious afternoon with the Flavor Your Life campaign for olive oil.


Organized by such heavyweights as the European Union, the Italian Department for Agriculture, and Unaprol, a body representing many of the country’s olive oil producers, the goal of the program is to raise both awareness and consumption of European extra virgin olive oil though education.

At the core of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil is the only edible oil made from fruit, and requires no processing other than its extraction. Full of anti-oxidants, and vitamins A, D, and E, studies have shown that regular consumption of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), reduces the chances of heart disease, several cancers, and digestive disorders.

And yes, let’s put the age-old debate to rest: you CAN and SHOULD cook with olive oil, as not only does it have a higher smoking point than other oils, thus making it less likely to burn, it also imparts its complex fruity, bitter, and peppery flavour to whatever you’re cooking.

Media types and muffin cups!

But we didn’t simply take their word for it.  Post-talk we embarked on a hands-on cooking session with the star ingredient.  Paired at our prep station and stove with the ever-affable (and kitchen-savvy!)  Mosé Persico, we chopped, sautéed, baked, and shared more than a few laughs. 

The result? How about prosciutto-roasted asparagus with spicy tapenade aioli, mini kale, scallion, and spicy chorizo cups, crab cakes with creamy cilantro pesto, and mini sliders with creamy gorgonzola-walnut sauce & balsamic red onions. 

Thankfully we were able to savour the fruits of our labour as all of us came together for a delectable lunch of what we had made. Better still, we left with a bottle of Bellucci Premium olive oil, determined to get out the aprons a bit more often!



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