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In the ever-expanding realm of our city’s bistro-heavy restaurant scene, we’re always delighted to see a place open that strives for or...

In the ever-expanding realm of our city’s bistro-heavy restaurant scene, we’re always delighted to see a place open that strives for originality, and to deliver on a unique experience. One such a place hit our radar during a recent Thursday night press dinner. 

Already garnering a fair amount of notice, Atame (Spanish for ‘tie me up’) is MTL’s first foray into aphrodisiac cuisine. The space is designed to seduce patrons with a 360° experience combining a sexy, feminine décor, regular burlesque performances and erotic poetry readings, and a fresh, varied menu that uses ingredients known to get you and your love-hopeful in the mood.

For those not living in coupledom’s cocoon, fear not as this place makes for a great evening to share among friends, and discover a welcome change from the Plateau’s ruling class BYOWs. While the theme comes on strong, a solid kitchen putting out some interesting and delicious plays on flavours nonetheless backs it up.

The tapas-style menu is divided under such categories as ‘Nibbles’, ‘Foreplay’, ‘Shared Pleasures’, and ‘Climax’, with many dishes designed to eat with your hands, or perhaps someone else’s as you build on the intimacy. 

While at the bar awaiting one of the house cocktails we sampled the house taro chips, which were light, well seasoned, and perfectly crispy. Warnings go out that once you start on these they can quickly turn addictive.

After being seated we started with the ‘de-rigueur’ romance food of shucked oysters. These were fantastic and served with an innovative lychee mignonette. 

From there it was onto a flight of dishes that included:

Apricot flavoured lamb sausage with mint yogourt, baba ganoush and flat bread
Crabcakes with spicy mayonnaise and kohlrabi
Roasted whole red snapper filled with orange, fennel, and pineapple salsa

Duck breast with fig reduction and quinoa salad

Plate presentations were attractive, and beautifully set off by the white china.

We finished with a serving of chocolate brownies with salty caramel that came with an amarula milkshake into which you dip the brownies. Sweet and rich, the combination became cloying after a couple bites, but these are sharing plates after all.

Despite catering to a full house of journalists, bloggers, media personalities, the service on our table was solid, prompt, and informative as to what we were eating.

351 Duluth St. East (at Drolet)
Tue. – Sat. 6PM – 12AM



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