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As a small and growing team of writers and editors at the blog who juggle more than a couple side endeavors, we’re always on the look...

As a small and growing team of writers and editors at the blog who juggle more than a couple side endeavors, we’re always on the lookout for products and services that offer an equally high-level mix of quality and convenience. One such outfit happened to cross my desk that delivers, literally, on both.  

Born in 2008 as an idea by Robert Kauffman and Gabriel Malbogat, Chef on Call began as a new gourmet food delivery business geared to students, which has since expanded its reach and customer base to include 3 locations serving young professionals and students alike.

Perusing their well-organized website I noticed they list their ‘West’ and ‘East’ locations as 2055 Bishop St. and 362 Sherbrooke St. W – these aren’t very far apart and made me think their coverage area is rather small, but that the short distance is mitigated by the fact that delivery is done the ‘green’ way on electric scooters. The recent opening of a Côte-des-Neiges outpost will greatly help expand the awareness of their fresh and homemade menu. 

Our press order was a nicely varied mix, delivered complete and on-time. It included their Gourmet Burger, Chic Salad, onion rings, both sweet potato and regular fries, chicken tenders, and a sampling of 7 dipping sauces and salad dressing. 

Starting with the dippers, these were fresh, original, and bursting with flavour to the point where I packaged up the unused sauce to finish off at home. It didn’t even matter that a few of them (Grandma’s Secret Salad Dressing and Chef on Call Sauce) gave nothing away about their ingredients.

The burger featured a generous 1/3 pound patty topped with Jack cheese, caramelized onions, crispy bacon, baby greens and roasted garlic mayonnaise on a decadent brioche-type bun – definitely not a light option but delicious nonetheless, and considerably more ‘gourmet’ than you’d expect.

On the lighter side was the Chic salad with baby spinach, goat cheese, toasted walnuts and dried cherries, dressed with a balsamic vinaigrette. All in all an interesting play on texture, and one that had us finish every last bite.

The fries and onion rings tasted awesome, but could have been a tad warmer – always the bane of delivery fries. The chicken also had a lot of flavour, contained mostly in the homemade breading as the meat itself was a tad dry and stringy. 

For everything we had our bill rang in at just shy of 40$ for two, decent value for what we had. Items not sampled this time around were the wraps and sandwiches, but from the appetizing images on the site, these look like great options for those seeking lighter fare.

Overall Chef on Call isn’t re-inventing the food delivery wheel, but focuses on filling the need for an offering which, surprisingly when you consider it, has remained vacant: tasty, varied and freshly prepared items, with a convenient, timely, and simple-to-navigate ordering process.

Our compliments to the Chef! 


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