Painting the Town Yellow

As a city known internationally for its festivals, it came as no surprise that storied champagne brand VeuveClicquot , cho...

As a city known internationally for its festivals, it came as no surprise that storied champagne brand VeuveClicquot, chose Montreal as the host city of the inaugural Yellow Week Festival - a week’s worth of events, restaurant promotions, parties etc... all centering around the iconic French champagne house, and highlighting the creativity of various companies in the arts, food, and fashion.

A word on an historic brand with a unique legacy: in 1805, at 27 years of age, Barbe-Nicole Clicquot Ponsardin, for whom the champagne is named, took control of the business following her husband’s death.  On her way to creating a world-renowned luxury brand, she would become one of the first female entrepreneurs of the 19th century.

And what more fitting backdrop to open the festivities than the sumptuous and sprawling ground level of Birks at Philips Square. The venue choice came as no surprise as the space works well for hosting a multitude of things. Despite the number of events I’ve attended in the historic store, the vaulted ceilings, carved moldings, and luxurious finishes always deliver the noteworthy. Add to that the practical aspect of having Jerome Ferrer’s Birks Café kitchen on permanent standby for whatever food service the event calls for, and you have the makings of a ‘must-attend’.

As you walked through the entrance, green hedges created a doorway to the crowd milling about inside, and gave the impression of making a grand entrance to a Gatsby-esque garden fête. Yellow was definitely the shade of the evening, and lent a welcome ‘Springtime in the French countryside’ air as the distinct branding was on display from bicycles, lawn tables and chairs (which I saw fitting right in on my condo balcony) and champagne flutes.  

The evening’s highlight was a fashion show - dancers in couples opened the show and wound their way around the jewelry case islands where guest were seated on the perimeter, while designers Helmer, VFranz, Elisa C-Rossow, Natalia Baquero took us through the periods of Madame Clicquot Ponsardin’s life. 

© Veuve Clicquot Semaine Yelloweek Officiel
(Left: design by Natalia Baquero, right: design by VFranz
Vanessa Muri and yours truly clinking Veuve at Yellow Week's opening party.

Pays/territoire : Birks Café par Europea


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