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© Anirudh Koul  Hello Readers!  A 2013 of the best health, fruitful and meaningful connections, new ventures, m...

© Anirudh Koul 

Hello Readers! A 2013 of the best health, fruitful and meaningful connections, new ventures, memorable travel, and abundant prosperity be yours. 

For us at the blog, two of our key ‘resolutions’ was a focus on constantly providing multi-format, engaging content to our readers, and a commitment to be as ever-present as we can in covering the 514’s many goings-on. 

To do so, we’ve reconfigured the blog with a new interface, added a few features, compiled a jammed ‘Attend’ agenda, and brought on board a talented young writer and press attaché, Guillaume Sans, who will be responsible for translating and/or adapting content in French, as well as providing original copy of francophone events.

For those wondering about the title, ManAboutMTL is a blog with the double entendre of being ‘about’ the city in a topical sense, but also plays on the ‘man about town’ expression and is a native Montrealer’s unique take on the city.

For a city of its size, it never fails to amaze yours truly at the non-stop schedule of events, restaurant openings, store launches (both local and from abroad), fundraising soirées, art exhibitions, real estate projects which are slowly changing our skyline, fashion shows, award shows, and festivals of every kind. These keep me constantly on the street beat, bringing you the latest news and reviews that explore and celebrate MTL life in an informative and entertaining read.

Why trust us? Because we’re not simply telling you what young urbanites are doing, we ARE them, and we’re living, working, playing, shopping, and socializing right along with you.  We hope you enjoy.

Finally, one of the best parts of a blog is that it’s a two-way dialogue, so please include your questions, comments, or things you’d like to read about.  

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